Sex & the Single Woman: I Will Follow You Into the Dark

As a writer, words are my thing. If I can’t define it, it’s really hard for me to understand it. Unfortunately, that makes this whole dating thing a bit tricky.

This afternoon I experienced one of those oh-so-delightful moments that can’t be put into words. I went to drop something off at my friend’s house and ran into a guy I used to date. My timing was flawless: it was just me, him and a whole lot of things unspoken in that empty house.

We didn’t end things on bad terms. Rather, we didn’t really end them. We just kind of faded into not being together, although I suspect that somewhere along the line he was interested in an old friend of mine who I see now and then.

Anyway, it was weird to just stand there, talking to him like nothing happened. It wasn’t awkward, but the emptiness of the house made the spark we still have flash just a little bit brighter. A reminder of what once was.

I’m proud that at least this time I was the one who could walk away, the one who could claim some sort of control over the situation. But that doesn’t mean I’m not sitting here, wondering why we didn’t stay together when there was something really unique between us.