Sex & the Single Woman: I’m Not Over You Just Yet

Having infamously stayed friends with the majority of the guys I have dated, I am often faced with an unfortunate question: what are the implications of staying good friends with someone you still have strong feelings for?

Unless I have been seriously wronged, I really don’t like to cut people out of my life, or even deliberately avoid them in any small way. I am proud that I can stay close to those guy I have dated, even if for a period of time the “more-than-friends” feelings continue to linger. But is this detrimental to our relationship?

If a friendship is based in honesty, then that is one major secret locked inside. Is it worth the heartache of being close to someone knowing that they will never return your feelings? Is it damaging to the friendship if one person secretly wants more?

I have often discussed the process of getting over a person, and I know that when you stay friends, it’s easy to relapse. I am still unable, however, to find the right balance between staying friends and ending the “more-than” relationship.

Does this solution even exist or is sadness inevitable?