Sex & the Single Woman: I’m With Her

I admit it; I often look at some of my guy friends and wonder why they stoop to date the girls they do. Recently, however, I am finding that there are some pretty lousy guys I know who are dating pretty awesome girls. Why? I have no idea.

I am the first one to admit that I don’t always have the best judgement in men. My tracklist includes a guy who was far too young for me (and it showed), a guy who once mistook me for my freshman roommate at the wrong moment in time, and a guy who decided to date other girls… while dating me. To my credit, however, all of these have served as dealbreakers and I have, for the most part, moved on.

I know a girl who is stunning and dating a guy who cheats on her. A lot. Another friend of mine is dating a girl from out of state, and he keeps a “close female friend” very close. In both of these situations, the cheating is openly acknowledged amongst people outside of the couple, and I honestly believe both girls can do way better. Yet there they are.

Is it a matter of lack of knowledge on their parts or just low self-esteem? Do they not think they can do better or do they just plain not know? I’m inclined to think that if someone will cheat repetitively, other red flags will manifest themselves in the relationship.

What do you think–do you know any women who can do better?