Sex & the Single Woman: In Praise of Funny Men

It’s hard to pin down what qualities make a guy irresistible. I may date a string of jerks and pine after a nice, normal, down-to-earth guy, but then when I actually meet one, I find myself bored to tears. (Sound familiar?) But this weekend I honed in one major quality that I am looking for in my next boyfriend:

A killer sense of humor.

hughlaurieI don’t mean knock-knock jokes, off-color humor, or a passion for Dane Cook. I’m thinking witty, droll, whip-smart, and clever. Like Hugh Laurie.

The downside is that I rarely meet funny single men. The current guy I’m seeing is Brazilian, and though he has his moments, most jokes get lost in translation. I’ve met a few other guys lately, but discounted them because I didn’t really laugh at anything they said. In fact, the last funny guy I dated, a couple years back, was a guy who physically wasn’t really my type, but had such a great dry sense of humor that I was swept off my feet.

So where can I find these laugh riots, is what I want to know. Comedy clubs? Suggestions are welcome!

-Erin xx