Sex & the Single Woman: Insert David Bowie Song Title Here

If there is one thing I have learned this year, it is that men don’t change. At least, women can’t make them change. No matter what I was told, there was always a part of me the believed that I could be the one to change a guy — I could be that difference. It was a very Carrie Bradshaw mindset, with a very Carrie Bradshaw reality check. (Season one finale of “Sex and the City,” anyone?)

When I finally realized that men are set in their ways and I’m not going to be that tour de force, multiple guys in my life proved me wrong.

In the past 12 months or so, I have known many guys who have openly talked about not wanting to be in relationships. While they had various reasons (wanting to play the field, recovering from recent breakups), I understood their defenses. However, almost all of these guys have, since making that announcement, had girlfriends. Single guys say whaaaat?

Some of these relationships have worked out, others never had a chance. The point is that, at least to me, there is something in these women that changed those men. But what? Is it some attainable quality, something that can be taught? Or is it something hidden that these types of women alone possess?