Sex & the Single Woman: Instant Friends

As much as guys drive me crazy, they are always good for one thing: girl bonding.

Last week my roommate introduced me to one of her friends. The two had already discussed the guy drama all of us are having, so when I met her, she was up-to-date on my life. What started as a casual introduction launched into an intense session of girl talk.

We spent hours this weekend discussing all aspects of relationships, both present and past (with a dash of what will hopefully happen in the future.) Now we are in constant communication via text. Obsessed? We might be.

While I think we could have bonded under any condition, but I am completely amused that we traded personal information after barely knowing each other. We balance each other out well, as I know the guy she wants to date well, and she has excellent insight for me.

So while dudes do their fair part in stressing me out, they also provide a great platform for building friendships. I guess it evens itself out.