Sex & the Single Woman: Is 28 the Happiest Age for Women?

Last week I read that a new study has determined that women are happiest at age…wait of it…28. Since yours truly is 30, I find this more than a little horrifying. Especially considering that I spent much of year 28 picking up the pieces of a disastrous break-up. If that’s as good as it gets, well, I think I’d like my money back.

turning30Apparently researchers reasoned that once a gal hits 30, she starts stressing more about career, marriage, and kids. I’m not saying that’s wrong…I definitely stress more about having kids, especially when every newspaper churns out story after story about women who dared to try and have kids in their mid- to late 30s. But to say that these worries eliminate the possibility of true happiness…well, that’s a load of BS if you ask me.

What do you think? Was 28 a great year for you?

-Erin xx

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