Sex & the Single Woman: Is “Just Friends” Good Enough?

As I bide my time waiting for my One True Love, I often utilize my close guy friends as stand ins for necessary things, such as dates and shoulders to cry on. I am closer to some of these guys than others; there are a few who I count as amongst my best friends. After having spent some time with these guys recently, I am left wondering if I could be happy with someone without being in love.

There are a few select men in my life with whom I can picture a not unhappy future. Yes, I could spend the rest of my life with him, but no, I can’t see us ever falling in love. That being said–is love necessary in a happily ever after?

I do love these guys and would do anything for them without question. I feel like, in some cases, they are the closest thing I have to a boyfriend right now. If I lived my whole life without falling in love with someone, would companionship be enough?