Sex & the Single Woman: Is the Grass Greener?

It seems like us American girls are always lusting for what we can’t have: the European guy. Spending time in Athens, I decided to investigate if there really is a difference between these two continents.

Almost immediately after arriving here, I noticed that Greek men know what they want and they aren’t afraid to get it. Call them forward, but they are very willing to make a first move. I hear that they like to woo the ladies, and there is something very appealing about this prospect. I constantly reflect on how American men seem too hesitant to take a chance.

This has its drawbacks, however. Coming from a culture where men seem a little more subtle in pursuing a lady, constantly being approached definitely puts one on the defense. I can’t complain though–this newfound attention is a nice change.

Stay tuned as I continue to explore the magic that is foreign men!