Sex & the Single Woman: It’s in the Stars


I think we all know people who are destined to come together, even if only for a brief period of time.

I am currently reveling in what I consider to be a cosmic night. One of my roommates finally hooked up with a guy who she has been talking about for two years. It was one of those situations where my friends and I have been wanting this to happen, but nobody believed it ever would. The planets must have finally aligned or something.

In the aftermath of this epic evening, I can’t decide what exactly is the greatest part about the whole scenario. While the occurrence itself was nothing less than destiny, is that it? Or will the fact that he wants to see her again be what is truly amazing about this situation? What if something actually real comes out of it?

I’m sure there are plenty of other pairs out there who have had such nights, a chance encounter evolving into something so much better.

What about you? Have you been lucky enough to have a cosmic moment?