Sex & the Single Woman: It’s the End of the World as We Know It …

With so much talk of a rapture coming this past weekend, one of my roommates asked me what I would do if I believed I only had hours left on Earth. More specifically, she wondered if, put in the position, would I confess my hidden love for anyone.

As we laid in the sun, unconcerned about any impending doom, I agreed that it was an interesting thought. Would I?

In my dating years I’ve spent a lot of time worrying what guys might think if they knew my true feelings. Would they reciprocate? Coil back in horror? Confess their hidden love as well?

Knowing my luck, my true love would reciprocate my sentiments and the world would promptly end. Either way, I would like to think that put in the situation, I would have the courage to be honest, but I really don’t know. I have a huge tendency to over-think things and I can see the world ending before I have a chance to make up my mind.