Sex & the Single Woman: Judgement Days

Like most women, I rely on my close friends to give me their honest opinions on the men I date, and to help me weed out the ones who aren’t worthy. I’m lucky — my friends are usually spot-on, telling me right away when they aren’t impressed by a guy.

This gets a little complicated, however, when these judgement include those of my male friends. I love them and appreciate their opinions, but at the same time I also know that they think no guy will ever be good enough for me. In other words, they frown upon every guy I date.

It could be me — there’s a reason none of the guys I have ever dated have lasted this long. I am a firm believer in fate and that certain things are meant to be. If I am not with someone, there’s a bigger reason. That doesn’t stop me from wondering how intuitive my male friends really are.

What about you? Who helps you figure out the people you date? Do you have absolute trust in them?