Sex & the Single Woman: Kids

As I went for my run this morning, I was surrounded by children everywhere, filled with the happy excitement of the first day of school. The day was electric with their anticipation for what was to come and I couldn’t help but think back to my middle school days.

Things seemed so much simpler then. You had a crush on the cute boy in your math class. Instead of focusing on learning long division, you would stare dreamily at the back of his head, willing him to acknowledge your existence. If you were lucky, he would tease you at recess, chasing you around and causing you to feign anger.

Now there is a whole world full of singles looking for that someone special. There are more games than just tag, and the boys who tease you aren’t always the ones you should love. Confessing your feelings isn’t as simple as mere checking a “Yes” box in a handwritten note, and it takes more than a hug and a bowl of ice cream to mend a broken heart.

Have we grown out of innocence and into patterns of complication, or is because we have more to lose? We play games to protect ourselves from broken hearts, but in reality are we just giving ourselves more heartbreak? Can we ever return to the simplicity of when we were kids?