Sex & the Single Woman: Leaving on a Jet Plane . . . Next Year

I am pretty sure that I believe in The One. If not The One, then certainly A One, one who I am destined to be with, thanks to Fate’s swift hand. Oddly enough, I also happen to be a fairly logic-driven person, which means that when I look at The One in terms of my own life plans, the outlook isn’t so good.

Let me explain.

If I am going to be with someone in a very serious relationship, there is an implication that the two of us will most likely need to be in the same city for an extended period of time. Yes, I understand long-distance relationships and all of that, but for starting out, there needs to be some consistency.

The problem here lies in my own life goals. I plan to move to another city 1,000 miles away in the next year or so. Starting a relationship with someone rooted here? Doesn’t look good.

So what does this mean for me? Is this fate’s subtle way of saying “Don’t hope for a steady relationship until halfway through 2012. Ttyl.” Or will one come out of nowhere, only to force me to choose between it and my goal of moving away?

I guess only time will tell . . .