Sex & the Single Woman: Lesson Learned

Sometimes it seems like our most valuable lessons aren’t learned in the classroom, but from experience. I think I’m finding this out the hard way.

I think we all have that guy who we keep in the back of our minds. Mine always seems to work his way into my life just when I am starting to date someone else. In the past I have regarded him as someone who is fun to flirt with, but someone with whom I will never pursue anything serious.

Recently, that mentality changed.

I decided to give it a try. He is a great guy and our chemistry is the strongest I’ve ever had with another person. I felt like I owed it to years of “maybes” to see if it will work. I think I waited too long.

The spark is still there, but I don’t think he is still interested. As heartbreaking as this is for me, I have to accept that I had a million chances and I let them pass me by.

Well, Maggie, lesson learned. I know now that I don’t have chemistry like this with just anyone. If you are lucky enough to find someone who shares an electric connection with you, don’t let him go. I learned the hard way, hopefully you won’t have to as well.