Sex & the Single Woman: Love Doesn’t Have to Be Tough

Tough Love

Love isn’t easy. It especially isn’t easy if you’re like me, and like to take the blame for everything that goes wrong in relationships. If only there was someone with all of the answers.

Now normally I am not a huge fan of dating shows, but VH1’s Tough Love is different. For once, there is a show that positively shows women what they are doing wrong in situations, and helps them to correct it. 

Some of Season 2’s cast includes a woman who dates men waaaay younger than she is, a woman who parties too hard, a woman with a negative attitude, and a woman who is completely focused on her career.

In the first season, I watched as matchmaker Steve Ward guided the women towards the right men, while also helping them to boost their self-esteem. In this season, I hope to see the same thing. I think it’s good for women to see common relationship mistakes, especially on a show that is so optimistic. 

Tune  in with me to watch the lives of the women change. I’ll be updating with my thoughts on the show and who knows, maybe I’ll learn something too.