Sex & the Single Woman: Make It Count


Last weekend, two of my roommates and I were sitting around having a Boy Summit. And by that, I mean we were unloading the woes of our love lives. We were all dealing with different guys and different problems, but the one thing we all had in common was frustration.

I was ready to give up all hope of men, when one of them said something obvious, but it really hit me. She said she wasn’t in the mood to play games. Life is too short.

And she’s right.

Life is too short to mess around, to be with people you don’t want to be with, to waste your time on people who don’t treat you right.

With that in mind, I want to make more of an effort to remember this. Life is without a doubt too precious, and I’m glad I got a reminder of that.

Now time to go be daring.