Sex & the Single Woman: Meet People’s Hottest Bachelor…Chace Crawford?!?

You can stop holding your breath, ladies. People Magazine has announced the summer’s hottest bachelor and it’s…

Chace Crawford?


chacecrawfordbachelorThough the “Gossip Girl” actor is undoubtedly a handsome lad, he’s someone I’d expect to see on the cover of Tiger Beat or Tween World or whatever it is high school girls read these days. I’ve seen 10-year-old beauty pageant queens with more testosterone.

Where are the real men? Where’s Josh Brolin, or Eric Bana, or Patrick Dempsey? Oh wait. That’s right. They’re taken.

So spill it…is Chace Crawford your idea of a “hot bachelor,” or do you have an older, more suave guy in mind?

-Erin xx

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