Sex & the Single Woman: Melt My Heart to Stone

The title of this blog was taken from the Adele song to which I am currently listening, but it also happens to fit my mood and the thoughts in my head right now.

Yesterday I talked about how I am going to be working and essentially alone on New Year’s Eve.  Well, last night I had a long conversation with one of the guys I dated this year, asking me to come hang out with him on NYE. Am I supposed to read into any deeper meaning here?

We hang out a lot–as friends–and we both frequent this place a lot, so it’s not out of the ordinary. However, I treat NYE like Valentine’s Day; there are certain ways to make plans which imply something a little more than “just friends.”

I obviously can’t do anything about this. I’ll be working and he will be out with our friends. But even though I might not be dancing with him at midnight, you can be pretty sure he’ll be on my mind when the clock strikes 12. . .