Sex & the Single Woman: Missing Piece

A long time ago I accepted that no man, or relationship, is perfect. Even the most seemingly-blissful couple still have things to work through and will always be growing. Recently, however, I’ve been pondering exactly how far a relationship can survive if there are elements missing.

My go-to example is Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw and Jack Berger. When they started dating, their chemistry was flawless. They had the banter, the excitement and, of course, the energy in any truly happy couple. The first time they slept together, however, it became clear that they did have something to work on. They both tried again, pretending their lackluster first time was a fluke. After a second failed attempt, there was no denying that these two very experienced people had to try a little harder.

Even though Carrie and Berger were able to work through their problems, I look at real-life couples with real-life issues and wonder how true this is. Even if it’s not intimacy problems, I still see couples who face major situations like maturity gaps and insecurity. When it comes to less tangible conflicts, how likely is it to move past them?