Sex & the Single Woman: Mission Accomplished

Last week I expressed concern that I was getting too close with The Ex. It’s a legitimate concern–he is very taken and I was very wary. In a surprising turn of events, however, we talked about it. Everything.

I was worried that our growing closeness was the result of a potential hidden agenda, but thankfully it’s not at all. What a relief to find out he actually likes me . . . for me. No complications necessary.

Now, on to the weekend itself. I’ve been trying to put myself out there and this past weekend my roommate and I set out to play the field like it was our job. While I can’t say we had any success (although I met a guy who recognized me from a local column I write and tried to pick me up by pointing out that he was in the publication once) it was still good to be out and single.

One high point, as I mentioned yesterday, was realizing that a guy I had passed some pretty harsh criticism on made a few gestures that contradict all of that, and I never hate learning that a guy is unexpectedly kind of awesome.