Sex & the Single Woman: Mistakes We Make

One of the tragically beautiful aspects of life is that there is no magic eraser. Yes, at times we can try and correct our mistakes, but usually the most we can do is to try to do better next time.

When it comes to relationships, I have a huge fear of making mistakes. Sometimes it manifests itself in my hesitancy to commit, sometimes just in my hesitancy to pursue something at all. Right now I am currently wallowing in the fear that I might have made the biggest mistake of them all: letting someone go.

I have mentioned time and time again that there is a guy in my life with whom I am very on and off. Lately we have been very much in “off” mode, but now I’m thinking that I want to change that. My only problem is that it might be too late. I am going to be traveling for much of the summer and he is rumored to want to get back together with his ex. It’s a deadly combo.

I’m left wondering if I’m going to regret not doing something sooner. Is it ever too late to correct our mistakes?