Sex & the Single Woman: Monday Through Friday Girl

Welcome to Case of the Ex, Part III.

Lately, one of my exes has been creeping back into my life. We have started talking all of the time, which I have been mostly okay with. We always had an easy way of getting along, and I like that that element of our relationship hasn’t changed.

What I don’t like is the fact that we do talk a lot–during the week. Come the weekend, things change. We run with similar crowds of people, so I see him a lot. That’s fine, but I noticed he is taking steps to avoid introducing me to his new girlfriend. That is not fine.

I used to know guys who would have Girls of the Week. They would hook up with certain girls on certain days. Even though I’m not hooking up with this guy (thank goodness) I still appreciate him not treating me like I am his dirty little secret.

I constantly say that I don’t like to burn bridge, especially not with someone who all my friends are friends with, but at the same time this needs to stop. Is there anyway to distance myself from the ex without initiating a whole other slew of problems?