Sex & the Single Woman: More Makeup?

This week I am talking about an article I read that cites five things single women are tired of hearing. Today’s complaint: wear more makeup.

I have never really been a chick to pile on the cosmetics (with the exception of when I used to sneak over to my best friend’s house in eighth grade and experiment with her eye shadow, but that’s beside the point.) With that in mind, I do not think that putting on more makeup will entice men.

I was raised on the principle of less is more, and besides that, I want a guy who is a bit more interested in more than just my face. Attracting him by looking like a doll does not seem to be the solution.

And yet us single women are constantly reminded that we aren’t perfect, that we need to try and adjust who we are for men. I’m going to stand firm and base my appearance on what I want, and not what some stranger thinks I should be.