Sex & the Single Woman: More of the Best Dating Advice

Yesterday I talked about some of the best dating advice I have ever received. Today you are lucky enough to hear the second part.

This comes from one of my roommates, who heard it from her mother. Again, it is a simple concept, but has a great value. Her advice is that if you are not happy with a guy at the start of your relationship, you won’t be happy with him at any other point.

I can definitely apply this to (more) failed relationships–there have been numerous times that things have started moving in a positive direction with a guy, but I listed a number of flaws he had. Not little things, like having bad taste in shoes, but rather bigger things. Personality flaws.

As women, we are pretty much genetically engineered to think that we can change men. Sadly, we usually can’t. I’m learning this the hard way.

What about you– what is the best relationship advice you have ever been given?