Sex & the Single Woman: Movin’ on Up

I have an excellent combination of traits that make me love to suffer over heartbreak. I over analyze, I dwell on things and, in general, I embrace hope and disappointment equally. It’s awful.

Because of this, those sweet moments of knowing you are beginning the process of moving on are extra amazing. Case in point, the other day I was talking to a guy I’m trying to move passed, and he started talking about his past relationship. In detail. What used to be unbelievably painful now only makes me wonder what could have been. But that’s okay.

I say time and time again that I want to remain friends with people. I despise the thought of burning bridges with people unless it’s absolutely necessary. And although I thought I might have to distance myself to get through this one, I’m proud that I didn’t have to.

Acknowledging that the wound is starting to heal encourages me to continue the process and reassures me that someday the cut will completely heal.