Sex & the Single Woman: Murphy’s Law of Failed Relationships

Murphy, whoever you are, you drive me nuts.

I generally have a cycle of liking a guy, pursuing it, finding out it isn’t going to work for whatever reason, and then moving on. I generally accept this because I always find someone better, and life goes on.

Murphy, however, has recently decided to interfere with said cycle by guaranteeing that as soon as I find a great guy, the last guy I let go magically pops back into my life, minus whatever the flaw that ended my previous relationship. His sudden availability thus confuses me, thus frustrating me, and in general making me very grumpy toward Murphy.

Why must these things happen as soon as I am starting to move on? I don’t want to be interested, but gosh darn it sometimes these men make it really hard. I am currently in the “Boy Has Renewed Interest in Maggie, But She Is Possibly Going to Have Someone Much Better If Things Work Out the Way She Wants” stage, which means I could move ahead or behind . . . only time will tell.