Sex & the Single Woman: Murphy’s Law of Maggie Will Never Find True Love

Okay, so maybe the title of this post is a biiiiiiiiit dramatic, but I’m definitely in one of those moods where I just have to laugh at myself. Today is Laundry Day. Capital “L,” capital “D.” As in, “my hair is greasy and because I just want to be productive with my day so I am wearing my scruffiest clothes to the laundromat and not caring about my appearance.”

Now, on the rare day when I look halfway decent while hanging out here, no one sees me. On the day I am wearing my roommate’s brother’s old gym shorts and a disintegrating sweatshirt from high school, in walks the guy I was interested in last spring.


I am not one of those girls who insists on looking flawless 24/7 or who can’t let a guy see her in sweats. At the same time, however, I’d think there is a certain sex appeal that is lost when a girl does not look like she has showered in months.

That brings me to this moment where I throw my shoulders back, say hello with all of the confidence I don’t have and act like I am perfectly fine look perfectly sloppy. What else can you do?