Sex & the Single Woman: My Dating Sabbatical

singlewomanWell, single gals, I’ve come to a decision. It’s time for a little (or a lot) ME time. No boys. No men. No headaches. Just me, my pals, and selfish guilty pleasures like “Flight of the Conchords” on DVD and the pleasures of having a king-size bed all to myself. (Well, almost. My friend Melissa is visiting right now and is hence sharing the bed with me. But soon it will be all mine.)

Having cut the cord once and for all on the Brazilian two weeks ago, I’ve now been enjoying my freedom. The day of the break-up I hopped on a train and stayed with friends out of town. We watched DVDs, cooked in, and chilled out. I had a number for a potential hook-up in the area, but I didn’t call, realizing that I’d rather hang out with my friends than with yet another guy who I don’t see a future with. It felt great not to think about guys for the first time in months.

Now my friend is visiting and we’ve been on a sightseeing whirlwind. There’s something about travelling and being a tourist that makes me feel removed from the dating scene. Plus, Mel is married, so there’s no pressure to go out and flirt with guys. I’ll be out there soon enough, but I’m in no rush. In fact, when Mel and I were at the pub tonight and a hot British guy started chatting to us, I was nearly startled. I chatted back, but didn’t stick around to see if anything would happen, because, well, I just didn’t really care.

Now let’s see how long that lasts!

-Erin xx