Sex & the Single Woman: My Kind of Therapy

Today was one of those days where a little self-indulgence was completely necessary. Every woman handles heartbreak differently — for me it usually involves some retail therapy.

This is the second time this particular guy has triggered me into the need for a little shopping excursion. While the first time inspired me to purchase my now favorite stretchy pair of black pants, today I was unsuccessful in finding just the right thing to remind myself that guys who hurt me don’t matter. I settled for a deliciously greasy hot pretzel post-shopping trip.

As I munched on my snack, I tried to decide if coping mechanisms such as retail therapy are a bad thing. On one hand, I shouldn’t have to spend money to make myself feel better (even though those black pants were on an amazing sale). On the other hand, just walking around looking at clothes gives me an odd sense of clarity.

Ultimately, what I seek in therapy is a sense of change. Change for me means rebirth, moving on. My first instinct is usually to cut my hair, although I can curb that pretty quickly. I’m not the kind of girl who can find comfort in ice cream, although I won’t say no to it. Rather, finding a fierce piece of clothing reminds me that I can look hot without needing his approval. And, on a selfish level, I can remind him that he made a major mistake in screwing up.

So, what do you think? How should we handle these problems? How do you handle heartbreak?