Sex & the Single Woman: My Sister is Pressuring Me to Have a Baby

singlemomIs it just me, or is everyone on the planet pregnant? Heck, even that pregnant man is expecting again. The one exception: me, of course.

Time was, it used to be my mother and grandmothers needling me to settle down and have a baby. And while they’re still doing everything short of waving a turkey baster, it’s actually my (pregnant, of course) sister who’s really putting on the pressure. She wants to be an aunt (never mind that her hubby has a nephew, which makes her an aunt), and she wants our kids to grow up together. I want that too, but, well, I’m not anywhere close to even getting married, let alone having a baby. I don’t even have a crush on anybody!  Maybe one day I’ll be a single mom, but I’m not ready to do that right now.

Do you feel pressure from friends or family members to have a baby? Share in the comments section.

-Erin xx