Sex & the Single Woman: Neutrality

I’ll be honest– high school chemistry owned me. Thankfully, I have found a career in which I can reflect on much more interesting chemical reactions that than isotopes or whatnot. Of course, I am referring to relationships.

However, I did retain a few things from that class I took oh so many years ago, one of them being the pH scale. For those (few) of you who faired worse in chemistry than I did, the middle of the pH scale is considered neutral. No reaction. Nothing.

When reflecting on my own love life and the chemistry I have with people, I’m not surprised that I have begun to look at things in terms of where they fall on the good ‘ol scale. My brush with the current dude on the radar?

Dangerously close to neutral. Almost no chemical reaction.

I know the rules of chemistry are pretty firm–they are laws, after all. But how flexible are they when it comes to relationships? Can you ever move something out of neutrality?