Sex & the Single Woman: Nice Move

Last night I was at karaoke night and was surprised to find it was unusually packed. Although I know the bartenders fairly well, I had trouble elbowing my way through the crowd to close my tab.

As I fought for some real estate, a guy in a hockey jersey (repping up my favorite team, by the way) kindly offered to by me a drink. I was on my way out the door, so I declined, but we got to talking about the team while I waited to sign my bill.

As we chatted, I found out he’s moving to my hometown, about ten minutes away from my parents’ house. He loves hockey and was also greatly disappointed by the team’s loss that night.

He seems like a nice guy and while I wasn’t attracted to him, we had a good conversation. Even better, I appreciated being approached at a bar without feeling like a piece of meat. He didn’t get my number, which normally could seem disheartening, but in the context of the situation, actually felt right.

Moral of the story: Even if great love doesn’t bloom from a pickup line, it can lead to a little bit of warm and fuzzy feelings.