Sex & the Single Woman: No Hope

Well. That settles it. I’m doomed.

Cosmo just released some groundbreaking research. Okay, maybe not groundbreaking … But, if it’s actually true, it’s enough to make me sit back and ponder the future of my relationships.

Prepare yourself, ladies. It appears that 15 percent of divorce is caused by … video games. Confirmed, I am doooooomed.

The article didn’t go to in depth, but a part of me isn’t surprised. I’ve had numerous girl friends complain about their boyfriends’ gaming, and those guys weren’t even that intense about it.

Now I’m down with guys being guys. Let them game, let them drink beer, let them burp and scratch themselves. Whatever. If I am going to claim girl time, it’s only fair. But at the same time, every guy I know — and every guy I’ve dated recently — plays at least some game occasionally. Maybe it’s my taste in guys, maybe it’s dumb luck. Maybe it’s just impossible to find a guy who doesn’t game on some level.

Where is the line drawn? How do we find the balance between giving guys their space and divorce? I don’t want to be the reason my guy can’t kick back with his Xbox every now and then, but at the same time, if he’s going to put a ring on it, he better be in for the long haul.