Sex & the Single Woman: No Man’s Land

The other day I was thinking about post break-up emotions. I have found that I handle things best when there is a definite way I should be feeling. For example, when a guy I was dating decided to hook up with other girls behind my back, I rightfully felt betrayed, hurt, and angered. But what happens when things aren’t so clear?

In my experience, this can best be described in a break up I went through because although he wanted to, he just didn’t love me. It was nothing to do with me, I did nothing wrong. For him, it simply wasn’t there, and that was simply heartbreaking.

Of course I was sad–every break up is sad in a sense. But beyond that, I had no idea how to react. I wasn’t angry, I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t with him, yet I still trusted him as if we were together.

I was in the no man’s land of relationships.

No map can get you out of there, no survival guide can prepare you. It’s up to you to use the resources you have to pull through. Even though I seem to have found my way out, there are some days that I am afraid I’ll wander back in.