Sex & the Single Woman: Off With a Bang?

I am generally not a shy person. For the most part, I have no problem going up to strangers and telling them my life story. It seems weird to me that I have such a hard time starting conversations.

Normally all it takes is for a person to say “Hello” and I am off and running, but when left to my own devices, the would-be conversation stalls faster than my Toyota when I was learning how to drive stick shift.

The reason this is at the top of my mind is because there is a new guy. I have causally mentioned him a few times. Anyway, we are at a stage where we casually talk, but these conversations have become spaced out due to my running off to Greece. I want to up the chat factor a little, but I am struggling with how to casually start a conversation.

I feel like I am totally back in grade school, but that’s the way it is. How do you start conversations with guys you like?