Sex & the Single Woman: Oh, What a Night

There are many things associated with Wednesday; it’s hump day, halfway through the week. For me, it’s all about karaoke.

For many single women, I understand why karaoke isn’t the dream night out. I don’t see Carrie Bradshaw embracing the situation. (Save for that one time in Abu Dhabi.) When I think of karaoke, I prefer to romanticize it a little more; think “500 Days of Summer.”

For the record, I have always harbored a fear of singing in public. To someone who can’t carry a tune, it’s something akin to nightmare. Conquering that fear is one reason single women should embrace this night.

Frankly, it’s also a great place to meet guys. My weekly presence at karaoke night has cemented me a place in a table with a bunch of cute guys who love to ask for song opinions. Who hates that?

Whether it be karaoke or another fear, I encourage you to push yourself. There is nothing hotter than a single lady proving she is fearless . . . unless it’s a single lady belting out “Baby Got Back.”