Sex & the Single Woman: Oh Ye Barren Career Women

Is it just me, or can a single woman not open the paper anymore without reading one of these haunting headlines:

“Seduced by stories of stars giving birth later and IVF myths, career-obsessed Lucy believed children and love could wait.”

cynthia_brady1That gem was in today’s Daily Mail, pestering my lazy ovaries with the tale of a 40-something woman who dared to have a career and a few laughs before signing up for diaper duty. She put off marriage until the decrepit age of 41 (shock! horror!) and now she’s paying the price with an empty womb.

Says the woman, “The way women’s lives have changed is truly wonderful but, as I have learned the hard way, you never get something for nothing. Busy chasing financial independence, I let my most fertile years slip by, never allowing myself to doubt that the love and babies bit would take care of itself. And so I lost the chance to have a baby I didn’t even know I wanted until it was too late.”

Aaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggh. I’m not saying we women have all the time in the world to plan pregnancies, but I’m so sick of reading these judgmental articles in the paper. Having a baby is a choice. So is having a career and a life on one’s own terms. Sometimes you can have both. Sometimes you can’t. But we single women are the ones who constantly have to be chased around by a ticking clock, or begged to reconsider the dull CPA with the toupee or the passionless attorney with the Dungeons & Dragons obsession because we need their baby batter. And frankly, I think I’d rather adopt as a single parent or have no baby at all than a baby with the wrong guy. So put that in your papers, people!

-Erin xx

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