Sex & the Single Woman: Ohhhhhh, Canada

This past weekend I took a mini-road trip to Toronto with a guy friend of mine. We both wanted to get away for a bit and thought it was the perfect destination. The trip was awesome, but we hit a minor speed bump while going through customs on the way home.

The guy who screened us asked what I assume to be standard questions. Then he proceeded to ask us our relationship, and when we responded that we were just friends, he asked us why we went away together if that was true.

Whoa, Customs Dude! Too far?

I get the association of a guy and a girl going away together, and why he would think that we are dating. It doesn’t bother me that he asked, but I feel like he shouldn’t have pried when we gave him an honest answer. What does it matter to him anyway?

All of this got me to thinking about these associations and stereotypes we put on girl/guy relationships. I know I have discussed this before, but never have my relationships with people been questioned on an international level. Since when did being “just friends” become a threat to national security?