Sex & the Single Woman: One of the Boys

I love my guy friends. Not only are the really fun to hang out with, I never feel awkward being the only girl in a group of a half dozen or more dudes.

I never used to think twice of this. With the exception of my roommates, I generally like being around guys more than girls. It’s just a better fit. Last week, however, I was surprised at how mutual my sentiments are.

Now this group of guys is a true mix–different personalities, different relationship statuses. I really live all of them individually, and even though we are friends, I would never rule out possibly dating one of them eventually.

Last week, I was talking with one of them and his friend about the friend spitting some game on a girl. Usually this kind of conversation happens around me without any second thought (it usually includes my opinion) so I was caught of guard when the friend hesitated to disclose details. My friend, in response, said, “It’s okay, Maggie is a dude.”

I’ve heard the age-old legend of guys who are thrown into the “just friends” category, but I never felt girls were really put there. Well, at least I’ve never felt definitively in that zone.

My question now is whether the rest of the guys, and all of my guy friends in general, feel that way. Are girls just as easily made to be “just friends”?