Sex & the Single Woman: Opposites Attract

. . . or do they?

While I agree with the immortal lyrics of the great Paula Abdul, I don’t find that they theory works in my life.

Let’s take a look at my great loves. Every guy I have seriously liked/dated/whatever has been obscurely similar to me. I am weird– I have an odd sense of humor, I laugh too loud at things that are definitely not funny, I’m completely stubborn and I don’t click with just every guy. So when I do find a fit with someone, he usually meshes well with that.

It usually ends up that the guys I find complement me in a weird way. Weird, because, well, we generally tend to be pretty similar.

So what does this mean? As usual, I have absolutely no idea. Guess I will have to keep looking for those are similar to me . . . and opposite.