Sex & the Single Woman: Paris Hilton as a Role Model


Yes, I am really discussing this.

Paris Hilton is a representative of the American female, or at least what many American women strive to have. She possesses money, power, fame, and a seriously fantastic shoe collection. What’s most fascinating about Ms. Hilton though, is that the American population does not have a solid opinion of her.

Paris struts around in her Louboutins, twirling her platinum hair extensions and giggling, “That’s hot.” Of course at a first glance it’s easy to claim that she is an airhead, a ditz, the epitome of a socialite. But is it really Paris who is calling the shots?

Yes, she has a reputation for not being taken seriously, but who is the one who decided this? Hilton gained mainstream notoriety with her appearance on “The Simple Life.” Who is to say that it isn’t Paris herself who is playing the game and getting the last laugh?

What I really want to know is whether or not Paris is a closet feminist. If she really is taking control of her life by playing this part and making a fortune off of it, is she a female force to be reckoned with? Is she a good representation of women when she holds power, but dumbs herself down to get it?

Are you pro or con Paris? Is she doing women a favor or just holding us back?