Sex & the Single Woman: Paws for Reaction

The best thing to ever happen to my dating life bounded into my house a few days ago.

Puppy-sitting has its drawbacks: un-housebroken dog, chewed flip-flops, and plastic bags filled with puppy poo. However, there is one huge win: Guys. Love. Puppies.

As a woman, I understand the allure of a cute, fluffy puppy ambling around on paws that are too big for its awkward body. Men, on the other hand, I expect to be a little more pulled together. I am wrong.

I took Guinness for a walk and ran into one of my guy friends. We then proceeded to launch into a contest to see who could pick up more members of the opposite sex via Guinness. Results: Maggie-7, Guy Friend-0. Success.

So what have we learned here? When in doubt, take a walk with a puppy. You are guaranteed to get at least a few approving looks from cute guys, even if it means you have to work a pooper scooper.