Sex & the Single Woman: Playing the Field

Playing the Field

For the past three weeks, Elevator Boy has been a serious fixture in my life. After making a comeback appearance from when my roommate first met him two years ago, Elevator Boy has been living in my apartment nonstop.

I also mentioned that he has a knck for being extremely flirtatious, and it was generally assumed by all of my roommates that he was looking for a hook-up.


Last weekend Elevator Boy checked out of my life. He went from being the live-in flirt extraordinaire to MIA in about two seconds. Weird? I think so.

Turns out Homeboy has a girlfriend. And he definitely didn’t tell any of the girls he was attempting to pick up. This leaves me wondering: why do guys commit to a girl, then make it their mission to play the field? Even though none of my roommates hooked up with Elevator Boy, we still find it odd that he failed to mention his significant other.

So what do you think? Is this common for guys? Do women do it too?