Sex & the Single Woman: Prince Not-So-Charming

In the dating world, first impressions play a huge part in determining boyfriend potential. When we don’t know a guy all too well, we are forced to evaluate him on the few criteria we can: behavior and appearances. If he dresses to our liking and behaves in a relatively normal manner, he moves on to the next level of inspection.

I consider myself to be someone with fairly decent judgement, but lately I have found that one thing will trick me every time: charm.

Now I’m not talking about guys who schmooze and know the right lines to get exactly what they want. I’m talking about the guys who seem to possess a genuine, good-guy appeal. They are sweet and polite, yet flirtatious and definitely with some sex appeal. I haven’t encountered a lot of these types of guys before, but they never fail to win me over every time.

It’s completely understandable why they can pull this off. They really do seem to be honest. The sad part is when I find out that while they are charming, they are also putting on a huge act. Now this is definitely not an accusation for all guys, because some are genuinely charming. It’s more of a realization that there are those guys out there who can put on the act and do it so well that I will fall for it… and that sucks.

I guess the best advice I can give is to approach all guys with caution. It’s wonderful to let go of all your inhibitions, just don’t do it based solely upon first impressions.