Sex & the Single Woman: Quit It, Murphy

Murphy’s Law loves to interfere with my day-to-day life. It’s not even funny anymore.

Example: I’m frustrated with a certain guy and right now I feel like I need a break. We aren’t dating, but I think it’s a sign that if I’m feeling this already, a little space couldn’t hurt.

The problem: I can’t get space. As usual, I see him way too much, know his friends way too well to avoid him. Thus, I’m stuck in this middle ground. And it’s not fun.

So what am I supposed to take from this? Is it bad to need space from someone you might potentially be interested in? Is it a sign of worse things to come? Should I give up now, or continue to press on and see what happens? Am I being too over analytical?

It’s good to know that, as usual, I am thinking way too many things at once. At least I’m doing one thing right.