Sex & the Single Woman: Raising the Bar

Recently I was out celebrating my birthday when I met a guy. My friends urged him to buy me a drink in honor of my special day. When he refused, we were all a bit surprised.

It wasn’t because he wasn’t interested (he made that very clear) but because he was against guys buying girls drinks.


Now I don’t consider myself to be a high maintenance girl. I don’t expect guys to buy me everything or to dote on me constantly, but I don’t think that one drink is so bad.

Is this normal? I have never heard of a guy who will openly refuse to buy a girl a drink, especially when he would only address her as “Beautiful Girl.” Yet he did, and now I am confused.

Is it so much to ask that he have a little class and offer to hydrate the birthday girl? It doesn’t matter anyways, I was definitely not interested. I guess it’s just the principle of the matter.