Sex & the Single Woman: Random Dating Icebreaker

datingicebreakerWhen you live in England, you really can’t go anywhere without an umbrella. So when my friends and I headed out for the Lovebox music festival this weekend, I made sure to throw my blue brolly in my bag. Sure enough, the skies opened up during the Florence & the Machine set, so I opened up the umbrella to keep the three of us dry.

Suddenly, we had company. Three British guys squirmed their way under my umbrella. I laughed, then made one of them hold the handle as a compromise. I spent more time talking to them than I did watching Florence perform (though she was awesome, and did a fab cover of “You’ve Got the Love”). After the set we split up, but later I saw the group of guys sitting down clustered under a black umbrella. Turns out they had one of their own the whole time!

It was a kinda sneaky move, but definitely charming. Think I’ll be taking my umbrella everywhere now.

-Erin xx

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