Sex & the Single Woman: Rebel Without a Cause

Earlier today I had a talk with one of my guy friends about when he used to sneak out in high school. I had my nights of staying out scandalously late, but I have to admit, I never snuck out of my house without my parents knowing.

I honestly thought sneaking out was more or less a cliche, something that kids joked about but never actually did. My friend even went so far as to push his car to the corner before turning it on. Something, in my mind, that only happened in movies.

Now, with my high school years far behind me, I am left to wonder what I missed out on. Should I have climbed out my window to meet a cute guy? Should I have been a little more rebellious in for the sake of a teenage dream? My junior prom date didn’t even put the car in park when he dropped me off at the end of the night.

I try not to live with regrets, and I had a pretty good four years of high school. However, a small part of me wishes that I had a chance to sneak around with James Dean when I was a teenager.