Sex & the Single Woman: Reuniting with Your Ex

When you break up with a guy, how final is it?

I have discussed before the idea of staying friends with your exes because I honestly believe that in some situations it is totally possible.  But is there a point when there is no return?

Earlier tonight one of my friends was talking about how over the holidays she will be seeing a recent ex. Although they haven’t seen each other since August, they have been casually chatting over the past few months. When asked what she thought about the situation, she shrugged and said it wasn’t a big deal.

But is it?

They didn’t date for more than a few months. Is there a point when dating someone when you can no longer go back to being friends?

In my own life, there is no pattern between guys I have dated and us being friends afterward.  Sometimes we stay good friends, sometimes we never talk again.

What do you think–is there a point where you can no longer be friends with your ex?